Pro Chain Whip

SKU: 6451310

Pro Chain Whip

A new take on a traditional tool

Pedro's new Pro Chain Whip takes inspiration from our beloved Vise Whip, applying many of the same functional principles to a more traditional chain whip design. The Pro Chain Whip design focuses on functionality, practicality, and safety.

The innovative chain retention hook offers multiple benefits. First it keeps the chain secured to the tool during storage. Secondly, it improves user safety by locking the tool onto the cassette, ensuring full chain wrap and eliminating slippage. An added bonus of this feature is that the tool stays in place on its own.

No more fumbling with your cassette lockring tool with one hand while trying to keep your chain whip in place. Being attached to the cassette, the Pro Chain Whip can also be used to slide the cassette off the hub.

A nice option when dealing with grimy gears. Keeping traveling mechanics and portability in mind, the Pro Chain Whip geometry maximizes effective leverage while keeping the tool length to a compact 270mm and 225g weight.

The integrated fixed gear lockring wrench, optimized for 41-42mm OD lockrings, adds versatility and is one less tool to carry.

The Pro Chain Whip is compatible with all multi-gear cassettes including 12-speed* and the chain retention hook fits cogs up to 18 teeth. *Visit for the latest compatibility information.

  • Innovative chain retention hook locks tool onto cassette, ensuring full chain wrap and eliminating slippage.
  • Tool geometry offers maximum effective leverage and compact 270mm length.
  • Compatible with all multi-gear cassettes including 12-Speed*. Chain retention hook fits cogs upto 18 teeth.
  • Integrated fixed gear lockring wrench optimised for 41-42mm OD lockrings.