Which lube should I choose ?

To get the best performance from your chain lubricant, it is important to choose one that matches your preferences and your riding conditions. Pedro’s offers a lubricant for all types of conditions from super dry Cote d'Azur, a rainy summer in England to the snow-mud covered streets of Stockholm. We have also for years been working with professional teams and get their feedback which we use to develop the qualities of the lubes. 

Ice Wax 2.0: Natural wax dry lubricant designed for dry conditions. The benefit is a very clean chain with a minimum build up of dirt and grim. The trick is to coat the chain liberally with Ice Wax many hours before riding the bike. The wax needs time to dry and harden, we use water as solvent instead of petroleum based compound which are no good for us when they evaporate. Once the Wax has dried, it is ready to perform and you will hear that the whole drivetrain sound differently - to us it is a nice clean tune the drivetrain is singing. 

Go!: Biodegradable, low viscosity, wet lubricant for clean and dry conditions. This lube is extremely viscous and will seep in between the links and plates. You need a relatively small amount of this lube making it less prone to attract dirt than a normal wet lube. It will handle a fair amount of wet, but avoid a long ride in constant pouring rain (which we all like to avoid in any case if we can :). The lube is made from canola and apart from good friction reduction, it also provides superior oxidation protection.  You can try this oil on stuck bolts and screws, it will not act as a rust remover, but surely help to loosen up oxidations. Another good use due to it's low viscosity is spoke nipples and traditional brake and gear cables.  

Chainj: Biodegradable, medium viscosity, wet lubricant for mixed conditions. This lube is the perfect lube if you want something that handle most conditions. It will attract some dirt over time and require cleaning of the chain after some use. We have though made sure it is coming off with a degreaser without too much work. 

Syn Lube: Synthetic lubricant for extreme wet and dirty conditions and maximum longevity. This lube is super efficient in reducing friction and it will keep the chain well lubed the whole race, no matter how bad the conditions are. These are properties valued by athletes (and their mechanics) and it is used by top performing teams in both road and MTB disciplines. The draw back is the build up of dirt. If you don't mind cleaning the chain more often, then this is a lube for you. We included detergent properties in the lube making the job easy to clean the chain since the lube will do a bit of the job while pedaling.


October 07, 2014 — Lars Hellsten
Tags: Lubrication