How to lube a chain
  1. CHOOSE YOUR LUBRICANT: To get the best performance from your chain lubricant, it is important to choose one that matches your riding conditions. Pedro’s offers a lubricant for all types of conditions from dry desert riding to the mud and snow of a New England cross race. 
  2. APPLY LUBRICANT: Start with a clean and dry chain. If needed, degrease your chain making sure to remove all degreaser and let fully dry. Lubricant will give the best performance when applied at least 1 hour before you plan to ride. Apply lubricant to the rollers of the chain while backpedalling the drivetrain. After applying, continue backpedalling for 2-3 full cycles of the chain to help distribute the lubricant and then wait a few minutes.
  3. WIPE EXCESS: Backpedal the chain one full cycle through a rag or towel to remove excess lubricant. If there was some dirt or ingress left in the chain after degreasing, you may notice that the rag is a bit dirty after wiping the chain. If this is the case, you can repeat steps 2 and 3 applying a second lighter coating of lubricant.
  4. LET SET UP: Allow time for the lubricant to set up on the chain. During this time the lubricant is able to associate with the metal surfaces of the chain on a molecular level, reducing friction and wear while increasing longevity. This set up time is also especially important for Ice Wax 2.0 which also needs time to dry. Ideally, you would lubricate your chain at least an hour before riding, but even 15-30 minutes will help the lubricant set up and last longer. For the absolute best performance, apply lubricant the night before a ride.
  5. FINAL WIPE: This step is needed only for wet lubricants. During setup, gravity may move some of the lubricant back to the outside of the chain. A few minutes before beginning your ride, give the chain a final wipe. Surround the chain with a rag or towel and lightly wipe away any extra lubricant from the outer surfaces. This will leave lubricant on the internal surfaces of the chain, where you want it, and reduce contamination.
  6. ENJOY YOUR RIDE! A properly lubricated chain will make your next ride safer, quieter, problem free and MORE FUN! ENJOY!
October 07, 2014 — Lars Hellsten