Chain Tool Replacement Parts

SKU: 6460351R

Replacement Parts for Pedro's Chain Tools.

Includes two pins made from heat-treated S2 Tool Steel, one brass pin retention nut, and one stainless steel ball bearing.

Pins and pin retention nut fit the following tools:

6460350-Pro Chain Tool (Pre-2008)
6460360-Pro Chain Tool 2.0
6460320-Apprentice Chain Tool 1.0
6460321-Apprentice Chain Tool 1.1
6460322-Shop Chain Tool
(6460330, 31, 32 Pro Chain Tool use the long pin - 6460340TCT-06)

Ball bearing fits the following tools:
6460322-Shop Chain Tool
6460332-Pro Chain Tool 3.2
6460340-Tutto Chain Tool (limited 2021 units)
6460341-Tutto Chain Tool II