Micro Levers - green pair

SKU: 6400032

Micro Levers - Yellow Pair, Carded

Tire Lever Pair, Quick Link & Master Pin Storage, Presta Valve Core Tool, and Valve Extender Wrench. Snap onto any Rx Micro Multitool

Pedro's new Micro Levers are born from award-winning DNA, fight well above their weight of just 20 grams, and pack a few extra tricks up their sleeve. Bring on the flat tires and trail-side repairs. Available in yellow, pink, green, orange, and black.

  • Snap onto any Rx Micro multi-tool
  • Integrated quick link storage pockets
  • Levers snap together with bonus tool insert featuring integrated: Presta Valve Core Tool, Valve Extender Wrench, and Storage Pocket for Shimano® and Campagnolo® master pins
  • Pedro's proprietary plastic blend delivers impressive strength & performance in compact size

Tips : 

1.  The number one tip is to make sure that you push the tire bead to the center of the rim all the way around the wheel.  Most rims have a shape that makes the center a smaller diameter, so pushing the bead to the center means the bead will need to be stretched less to get onto/off the rim.  This is useful for removal and installation of tires.  On some tires with very stiff steel beads, the bead may creep back out of the center and you might need to push it back to the center.

2.  Traditionally, it has been suggested that it is best to start removing a tire opposite from the valve.  The same is true for installation.  However, when dealing with tight tires, and especially tubeless tires, it works much better to finish at the valve for installation and start near the valve for removal.

3.  The above techniques generally allows for removal of tires using one lever, prying the bead off the rim, then sliding the lever it along the rim to remove the rest of the bead.  If the tire is still tight enough that I cannot slide one lever, it is time to use two.  Insert two levers under the bead about 6 inches apart.  Double check that the the bead is still pushed to the middle, then pry the bead off the rim using both levers at the same time.  This will spread the load over the two levers and usually gets enough bead off the rim to allow the sliding technique to be used.

Guide : How to remove a tire